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Update! Facebook Will Shutting Down It’s Facial Recognition System

On earlier November, Facebook made announcement blog post wrote by Jerome Pesenti, VP of Artificial Intelligence, that they will shutting down all the face recognition from their system. In coming weeks, Meta will effectively run this new policy. Meta is a rebrand of Facebook’s parent company that announced in last month.

Beside shutting down the feature, Facebook also want to delete more than one billion people’s individual facial recognition template. It means that all the user will no longer to be automatically recognized in photo or videos.

By this changes, it also affects the Automatic Alt Text (ATT). ATT is a feature that develop by Facebook to help people with color blind and visual-impaired. Automatic Alt Text will no longer show all the names of people that recognized in photos or videos, other than that it will functionally as usual.

How about user data?

So, how about the data that has been collecting from this system? Citing from the blog announcement from Facebook (Meta) itself, if you have opted using the facial recognition setting than they will delete all the template that related to you.

Problem with facial recognition system

Facebook has been known to develop their own system to help people recognized by using only photo or the video. But this feature has been long criticized by all the user and expert. Citing the blog post from Facebook, they also have concern about the positive use case of using facial recognition against society also the regulators have not been provided clear rules of this field.

From the Facebook data more than a third of user has been using this feature. By looking from the previous years, all the facial recognition system has been criticized because of racial again the race skin. Facebook (Meta) is not the only one who stopped or halt using this system. Big tech giant like Amazon, Microsoft also has been doing the same from 2020.


Every great technology will bring benefit and concern while using it. Now it depends on us to make decision on how to use it well. This will include with all regulator from the government to create clear rules, and the developer to maintain the system so it will act balanced in our society.


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