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Information business gathering is one the technique that you should know. For example, you need to know about corporation information that maybe include business profit, organization structure, current or future project, infrastructure, financial and many more. This is two-coin side actually. For example, a lot of this kind of information can be used by the bad people to exploit the weakest part in networking (infrastructure). In this article we going to learn organize and gather all the information about corporation or organization. Don’t worry about technical stuff, because we going to use sites that has this kind information.

Business Profiles

Company profiles maybe the first things you will going to find out. This information includes location, addresses, contact, branch, maybe even staff names. Here the list of websites that you can use.

  • Google Finance: Yes, you heard me. Google actually have their own websites that provide data about market around the world and best thing is it’s up-to-date.
  • Crunchbase : I usually use this sites to find out mostly about startup company.
  • Corporationwiki : Coorporationwiki can provide information about company and best feature is it can gives you visualize about company and people who within.
  • Kompass :  Is a business directory with information about companies over 60 countries
  • Europages : This is portal information companies directory especially in Europe
  • International Yellow pages: Remember yellow pages? It’s a directory that categories information by phone number, names, addresses even fax number

Annual Records

What is annual report? Annual report is a document that issued by company for once a year. This contains all information about financial status include profit, loss, cash flow, report by the auditor, budget etc. There are some websites that can provide you with this kind of information like,, or you can go to the official company website.

Information about corporation or company can really be valuable. All this information can reveal very important or sensitive data that can be dangerous if used by the bad people. With considering about the data that more open-source data out there. All companies or organization should be aware about the open-source data in public because this can lead to dangerous things if it’s not to consider from the beginning. Okay than see you on the next article


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