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How To Download Videos from Twitter Online

Twitter is one the most popular social media platform out there. Well, there is a lot people already using it. Twitter itself founded in 2006. I began using Twitter on 2011. That time you can share information using feature called “Tweet”. In Tweet you can write basically anything (please using it wisely). Back at the time you can tweet limited only with 140 characters, but in 2017 Twitter changes its policy. Now you can use tweet up to 280 characters. Aside from that, you also can share the tweets with image and videos.

Citing from Statista, now people who use Twitter still growing. The number one country using Twitter is United states with Japan on second and India in third. As I said before, in Twitter people can anything in their mind. We can categorize all the tweet information as OSINT type of data. But this one is still in grey area though. If you don’t know about OSINT you can read my article that I wrote before.

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How To Download Videos from Twitter?

  • Open the tweet that contain videos that you want to download
  • Copy the link of that tweet
  • Go to the downloader website, paste the link and click “Download”

It’s simple right? Just find the tweet that contain videos that you want to download after that copied that address and go to the downloader website. The problem is, where to find good downloader website for Twitter?  I recommend the savetweetvid website. Why? Because it doesn’t have any intrusive ads. Many of downloader website have intrusive website that can lead to bad website. So, you need to be careful. As from my experience the savetweetvid website is the good downloader out there.  

Go to the savetweetvid and paste the link and click download. You can find the example below. After that you can see the videos in multiple resolution. Just take in mind, the higher resolution you choose the bigger the file. Click on the download button again and you will be direct to the video’s pages. Just right click and choose “Save As” and rename it as you desired

Example Download Twitter Videos from savetweetvid
Example Download Twitter Videos from savetweetvid

Okay that’s how you download the videos from Twitter. It’s easy right? There a more downloader website out there feels free to comment below if you find another good one. See you on the next article.


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