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Get things done with 90 minutes cycle rules

Let’s see, it’s already 3 p.m. in the afternoon and you mind just wandering around thinking about time to went home from work.  Maybe you try to go to buy or making coffee to feel awake. Well, that’s one the first things that you’re going to do if do feel not productive. To feel productive at the end of the day is maybe for many people is the greatest things. Perhaps you have drowsy feel at the afternoon but you still have many tasks, and you choose to keep working but your brain at the same time “hey you, please we need to rest”. Let’s talk about 90 minutes rules.

How to productive all day with 90 minutes rule?

So, is there is a way to productive all day? Getting things done based on schedule and feel good till the end of day. Well, here we go. The 90 minutes rule. The rules are simple, work for 90 minutes straight without distraction. How is it possible? You can turn off your notification for email or messages, or close unnecessary windows program in your computer. For myself, after done these rules I always feel satisfied after my work is done. To keep myself follow schedule or all schedule for the day, I usually working with technique.

How it’s work?

The next question, how is this possible? Or, is this really works? The answer is yes and no. But first, let’s talk about Nathaniel Kleitman. Who is he? He is one of the pioneers in sleep researcher and he observed that out bodies is also operating within 90 minutes cycle during the day and sleep. Well actually our body gives us signal when we have to rest or to much work, but let’s face it we always ignore it. For the first time perhaps it’s tough to focus within the time. I actually need for about more that 2 weeks to adapt with this rule.


There a lot of techniques out there that you can use to productive for all day. This is the one that you can use. This rule is not for everyone, if you work on a highly schedule that requires to work with high concertation all the time, then this not for you. If you want to make this rule work then you have to make this ritual part of your day. You can try it with set clock alarm for each 90 minutes after that rest for 10 -15 minutes. Actually, if you fully adaptably when the times is near 90 minutes your body is kind of gives your signal automatically. Just listen to your body 😊


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